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A look back at the 1963 – 1991 Jeep Wagoneer: A guide to year-to-year changes

This gallery contains 68 photos.

One of the guidelines in the original Preppy Handbook (1980) reads, “Never replace anything until you have exhausted all possibility of repair, restoration, or rehabilitation.  No matter what it is, they don’t make it as well as they used to.”  … Continue reading

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1984 – 1987 Toyota Corolla Sport coupe: a last rear-wheel-drive economy car classic

This gallery contains 52 photos.

Looking for a modestly priced rear-wheel-drive car that’s fun-to-drive and has collector appeal?  How about one that gets over 40 miles per gallon? Often cars we find most collectible have a unique mixture of last-of-its-kind and first-of-its-kind attributes.  Popular “last” … Continue reading

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The 1999-2004 Land Rover Discovery II: a look back at these modern classic SUVs

This gallery contains 86 photos.

The second generation Land Rover Discovery, introduced partially through the 1999 model year, was badged as the “Discovery II”.  Until production lines were fully changed over from building the original Discovery I model, both generations were sold alongside each other … Continue reading

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1980-1991 Mercedes S-Class models: A buyer’s overview

This gallery contains 80 photos.

The “126 body” S-class (or “126”) sold from 1980-1991 is considered one of the most influential designs in Mercedes-Benz’s history.  It’s hard to argue 126’s exude power, sophistication and continue to inspire imitation today.  Among the sleekest designs on the … Continue reading

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