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A look back at simulated wire wheel covers. Part 3: the 1970s

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(Continued from Part 2) The 1970s began with carryover wire wheel cover styling from the late 1960s.  As that decade drew to a close, wire wheel covers were trending towards designs with two layers of straight, parallel spokes.  The effect … Continue reading

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Classic Mercedes fans, 15-inch versions of the original 14-inch “bundt” style wheels from 1969-85 are out there. Here’s how to find them…

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From 1969 to 1985, well over 1 million Mercedes-Benz vehicles were sold new with 14-inch aluminum alloy wheels similar to the one shown in this picture.   If you’re sprucing up or restoring a vintage model from this era, you … Continue reading

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What a “donk” is, and why classic car fans should value them

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Being fans of all the 1971-1976 full-size General Motors models, we at Classic Cars Today Online have watched the growing trend of fitting these “B-body” platform cars with oversized rims and lift kits to create cruisers generally known as “donks”.  … Continue reading

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