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1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk at the Summit Downtown car show Sept 2013

summit downtown car show 2013

1956 STUDEBAKER GOLDEN HAWK with original factory wire wheel covers.

Photo: Sean Connor

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  • Frank Mach

    I very much admire your posting of the 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk at the Summit Downtown car show. I purchased one like that (same colors etc.) NEW from a Studebaker dealer in Harlingen, TX in Feb.1956. The Packard engine had such a high compression for the available fuel those days that I could only use the top grade of Shell and Exxon. On a trip from Texas to Florida I was followed by the FL highway patrol for 50 miles miles along the Florida pan handle. They were just anxious to ticket me for speeding. I stopped for a short lunch and when I finished eating I came out of the restaurant to continue my journey when I noticed the same HP was waiting for me to leave town in hopes that I would give them a reason to ticket me.
    I had to disappoint them!
    Keep in mind there were no Interstate highways then – just state roads with there 55 mph posted limits. Yes, it was a challenge to keep this beauty at or below 55 mph.