About Us…

Welcome to Classic Cars Today Online!  We’re not a dealer – what we seek to do is explore is the subject of classic vehicles from the 1950s through today.  It is our belief that a car needn’t be old to be respected and admired for graceful design, historical significance and collectibility.  We have a small but dedicated staff and group of contributors at Classic Cars Today Online, and our mission is to share our enjoyment of automotive history while we look to the future.  Our web site is an incomplete work in progress, one we’re constantly adding to on a regular basis.  If you see anything here you enjoy, check back from time to time because odds are you’ll find more things to appreciate about us as time goes on.

As founders and Editors, my wife and I welcome contributions from you about your own car-related interests and ownership experiences.  While I am currently a copywriter, I have previously worked in the automotive service field as a technician for many years and have been a contributor to Autoweek Magazine, The Star, Examiner.com, and more.  My wife and I currently own several foreign and domestic classic cars and have enjoyed experiences serving as Technical Editors and officers of several car clubs, being concours car show judges, and meeting some great folks around the tri-state NY / NJ / Pennsylvania area at shows and events.

– Sean Connor & Kristi Burns