A preview of what will appeal to classic car fans at the 2016 New York Auto Show March 25 – April 3

2017 Porsche 911R at the 2016 New York Auto Show

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2017 PORSCHE 911R

The 911R is a response to customer feedback about the most recent motorsports-infused 911 GT3 RS.

Using the GT3 RS as a starting point, the 911R is powered by the same 500hp (377kW) naturally-aspirated flat-six engine. But the 911R is 110lbs (50kg) lighter than the GT3 RS, thanks to its magnesium roof, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber fender, and lightweight wiring loom. Instead of a 7-speed clutchless manual transmission, there’s a clutch pedal, a gear lever, and six real manual gears.

Photo: Sean Connor

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