Want to know what movies or tv shows have scenes with your favorite classic cars? Here’s how to find out…

In the 1986 movie “Lucas”, Charlie Sheen pilots a 1975 Pontiac Grand Ville convertible as Corey Haim walks over to greet everyone. Internet Movie Car Database helped me track down the name of this movie over 20 years after seeing it in passing on television. (Photo credit: imcdb.org)

Long ago on a quiet summer night, my girlfriend was over and we were spending an evening watching television.  I had been surfing channels until my screen was unexpectedly filled with a young Charlie Sheen driving an arctic blue, rusty, weathered 1975 Pontiac Grand Ville convertible – exactly like one I had.

(Photo slideshow with pictures from the 1986 movie “Lucas” is at bottom of article)

As Sheen pulls up and stops in front of a movie theater to talk to a nerdy kid in the street (played by Cory Haim), I realize Sheen is apparently the coolest kid in this movie’s high school.  I nudged my snoozing girlfriend to pay attention, but she was completely unfazed by the holy event of a ’75 Grand Ville making an on-screen appearance.  A look at TV Guide magazine supplied the movie name.  I planned to look for a copy of it as soon as possible because there was no doubt this movie, no matter how good or bad, deserved priority on the shelf.  A movie with a somewhat rare model of car like mine was a special thing.  Needless to say I was glued for the rest of the movie watching for more appearances of Sheen’s car, of which there were quite a few.

Soon after the name of the movie escaped my memory, and the piece of paper I had written it down on disappeared.  My girlfriend had slept through the whole thing, and noone else I described it to had a clue what it was.  This was long before the internet and today’s instant information, so as time passed I simply became sidetracked from my quest and never tracked down the movie…

…Until I came across the website known as Internet Movie Car Database www.imcdb.org . After selecting the year, make and model of a whatever vehicle you’re searching for, this site will break down every movie and television show that features one in it. This sight is so thoroughly researched and catalogued, it is truly a godsend for classic car fans. I have not been able to stump it yet. Plus, it provides an accurate rating system to let you know how often a car of choice appears (see below):

Give this website a try, you will not be disappointed.  The rusty Grand Ville used in the movie that took me so long to track down has surely gone to its grave by now, and the fact that I am fortunate enough to still own mine truly makes me grateful for this website.  I realized there are a few other movies with favorite cars in them, so it looks like I’ll be making some DVD purchases in the near future.


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