If you’re going to dress up as Elvis for Halloween, you should know a little about his personal cars

1962 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster

Elvis 1962 Ford Thunderbird

A 1962 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster similar to the one Elvis had. As it happened, the spokes on the wire wheels this car was equipped with suffered from a faulty design and were prone to breaking and flying apart. This happened to Elvis’s car when it was being driven out to California for him to use while filming a movie. His drivers had to stop along the way to replace the wire wheels. Since they were all recalled, the dealer could only supply black steel wheels. When Elvis saw the car arrive without the wire wheels, he was so upset with Ford Motor Company he placed a call to them, with the buck finally stopping at Edsel Ford himself. Knowing what a good customer Elvis was, Mr. Ford apologized for the situation that the wheels could not be replaced – even offering Elvis his money back if he wished to return the car. Elvis declined to return it but never really enjoyed the car after that point.

Photo: wikimedia

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