If you’re going to dress up as Elvis for Halloween, you should know a little about his personal cars

Elvis Presley buys a 1962 Ford Thunderbird Sport Roadster

Elvis 1962 Ford Thunderbird

Knowing Elvis’s penchant for cars and hearing comments that “this is a car Elvis might buy”, salesman Ernie Barrasso visited Graceland on a Sunday and dropped off a brochure (shown here). The next day, Elvis drove to the Ford dealership in one of his Cadillacs and bought the T-Bird on the spot, waiting for it to be prepped so he could drive it home. He later sent someone down to pick up his Cadillac.

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  • Nathan Randall

    This pic is from 1957. Elvis did not have sideburns from 1958-1967. He bought Graceland in 57 so it cant be earlier, and the sideburns tell me its before 1958. So def. 1957