If you’re going to dress up as Elvis for Halloween, you should know a little about his personal cars

Elvis Presley’s parents, 1954 Cadillac convertible, and 1955 Fleetwood sedan

Elvis cars

This second picture taken at his Audobon Drive house in 1956 shows Elvis’s parents (Vernon and Gladys Presley) with the 1954 yellow Cadillac convertible and the well-known pink 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood sedan.

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  • http://shovelshop.wordpress.com/ Bill J. from Austin

    Seriously? You’re going to overlook the 1956 Harley-Davidson KH motorcycle at left? That is the red and white beauty Elvis is pictured sitting on (with a tip of his jaunty riding cap) on the cover of Harley-Davidson’s in-house magazine, The Enthusiast, May, 1956.

    The 1956 K-Model is of historic significance not only because Elvis owned one; 1956 was also the last year of manufacture for the K-Models. They were replaced in 1957 with the XL Sportster model line, which is still in production today.

    Although the information about Elvis’ KH is available all over the internet, Scotty Moore, an early band-mate of The King, maintains a nice site with all sorts of photos and notes. I have no connection to Moore or his website, but I believe your readers might be particularly interested in http://scottymoore.net/Enthusiast.html (which details the story of The Enthusiast), http://scottymoore.net/elvismotorcycles.html (with links to pages for each of 15 motorcycles Elvis owned over the years; the majority of them Harleys), and http://scottymoore.net/54tourlimo.html (about one of the many high-end automobiles Elvis owned in his lifetime). There are additional links to pages about other cars Elvis owned, his guitar collection, his homes, and God knows what else. It’s a good place for Elvis fans (and classic motorcycle and car buffs) to get lost for day or so!