A look back at a true American classic: the 1977-79 Lincoln Continental Mark V

1978 Lincoln Mark V used by Jock Ewing in Dallas

1978 Lincoln Mark V Dallas

This 1978 Mark V was also used on the set of the original television show Dallas as Jock Ewing’s car. While it’s the same silver color as the ’77, those with a discerning eye will notice this one has a set of turbine alloy wheels. Its whereabouts are unknown today.

Photo: imcdb.org

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  • Tom

    Let me kindly educate you. Jock never had a ’77. The Lincoln he drove from Episode #1 in 1978 thru his death in 1981 was the exact same ’78 Mark V. They changed wheel covers twice (for a total of 3 different sets of hubs/wheel-covers. The car is blue, not silver. The car is located here: http://www.southforkranch.com/tours (on Southfork to this very day). The car has 25K actual miles. All of the fluids are drained out, & the Southfork museum! Please don’t ask me how I know all this….